National Organization of Retired State Troopers, Inc.

National Organization of Retired
State Troopers, Inc

A Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Organization


"To promote positive police community relations by educating law enforcement officers, communities, and the public."

 Board of Director's Message


Dear fellow NORST members, friends, and supporters:

Welcome to the National Organization of Retired State Troopers (NORST) as we forge ahead with great optimism, energy, and extraordinary resolve to positively improve law enforcement and community relations across the nation.


Our diverse pioneering members, community supporters, and friends represent the highest standards of excellence in law enforcement, individual perseverance, demonstrated respect for individual rights, and service to the community.


As a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, our vital role is clear, we must positively advance the interests of our members and the diverse communities and cultures that they serve, in a spirit of mutual respect, earned confidence, and reciprocal cooperation.


Our continuing mission places the highest value on the preservation and protection of individual constitutional rights, life and preserving the safety of each community by ensuring that all persons are treated with fairness and dignity under the law.


Unquestionably, we collectively resolve to explore innovation, promote education and encourage knowledge acquisition for all of our members.


In pursuing these goals, our ideas must be fresh, our innovations must be practical, our actions must be impactful, and the individual contributions of our members and supporters are expected to be transformative.


We welcome you to join NORST, support our efforts, and become a part of our exciting journey into a brighter future.


All the best,


David Washington, President
National Organization of Retired State Troopers (NORST)

Community Spotlight

“An Obligation To Intervene: The Role of Black Law Enforcement Within All Communities?”

The NORST Executive Board met in April and plans are to assist State Police and Highway Patrol agencies in their hiring. 

Members of the organization are now working with other agencies and universities to assist us in collecting and preserving stories of African Americans and minority state troopers. Our goal is to educate the public about the historic and pioneering accomplishments of African Americans and minority state troopers across the nation. We cannot accomplish this legacy and goal without your support and input.

Your participation is important.

More to come!!!!

  • Cafe Climb

    NORST Members inspire and connect with students at Cafe CLIMB, Gulfport, MS.

  • Award Presentations

    Award presentations in Lexington, KY and planning future meetings.


You can read and view some of the comments from the Town Hall Session by following the YouTube link on the video below

NORST is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization

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“Let's not look at where we are...Let's look at where we're going.” R. O. Williams (retired) MHP

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