National Organization of Retired State Troopers, Inc.

National Organization of Retired
State Troopers, Inc

A Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 Organization

Educating Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officers

In law enforcement knowledge and training are of paramount importance. Officers rely on their training and knowledge to handle the everyday challenges of working in law enforcement. At the National Organization of Retired State Troopers part of our mission is to offer training and educational opportunities to active and retired law enforcement officers. This training serves to update a current, or retired officer’s knowledge of the most effective modern community-policing practices.  Effective use of community policing has been shown to reduce crime, and improve day to day interactions between officers and the general public. By teaching officers how to effectively use community policing techniques, they are better equipped to manage the communities they live and work in. 

We offer officers up to date training concerning recent court decisions that will affect them in their daily lives. These decisions can affect issues such as constitutional use of force, and understanding how to avoid excessive force.  We also offer training on recent cases in regards to search and seizure limitations to ensure all of your searches are conducted properly.  Additionally, we offer training on recent cases that address racial profiling issues and how to avoid common problems. Recent training has also addressed modern challenges to police officer’s bill of rights and how things are likely to change in the future. Finally, our training focuses on the use of modern and upcoming police technology to protect individual constitutional rights and how it can be used to develop practical strategies to help law enforcement officers alleviate the adverse effects of the national crisis of police distrust.

NORST is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization

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“Let's not look at where we are...Let's look at where we're going.” R. O. Williams (retired) MHP

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